Artifactory 4.9.1 and Bower Problem

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Artifactory 4.9.1 and Bower Problem

We're currently running Artifactory 4.9.1 and are trying to setup Bower registration with no luck.  Can anyone provide some guidance as to what the problem may be?  Here is what I've tried so far:

1. Added Remote repository:
    Name: gitolite-bower
    Package Type: Bower
    Git Provider: Custom
    Download URL: ssh://
    Everything else is set to defaults

Project being registered has the following .bowerrc and points to our virtual-bower repository which includes the gitolite-bower repository:

  "registry": "",
  "resolvers": [

The bower package is registered with:

bower register nh-styles ssh://

The output of the registration, which indicates success:

$ bower register nh-styles ssh:// --verbose
bower nh-styles#*              resolve ssh://*
bower nh-styles#*             checkout v0.0.1
bower nh-styles#*         invalid-meta nh-styles is missing "ignore" entry in bower.json
bower nh-styles#*             resolved ssh://
bower nh-styles               register ssh://

Package nh-styles registered successfully!
All valid semver tags on ssh:// will be available as versions.
To publish a new version, just release a valid semver tag.

Run bower info nh-styles to list the available versions.

However, when you try to include this Bower package as a dependency in another project, it fails to resolve correctly:

bower install nh-styles

bower nh-styles#*           not-cached art://*
bower nh-styles#*              resolve art://*
bower nh-styles#*             EREQUEST Request to returned 404 status code.

Additional error details:
[object Object]

It looks to be trying to use the Git Server location as part of the Bower Registry structure. Our Gitolite Server does not use namespaces, so all repositories are top-level.

I'm not sure what to try next so any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.