Artifactory 4 openldap (phpldapadmin) integration

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Artifactory 4 openldap (phpldapadmin) integration

Suraj Singh

I'm trying to integrate openLdap via phpLDAPadmin with Artifactory
Instruction followed
OpenLDAP - Installation and adding objects using phpldapadmin and ldapadd
Artifactory 3.X - Artifactory's LDAP Group Addon (parameters for artifactory 3.x & 4.x seems same)

While "Test Connection" action, receiving an error "Failed to parse R\DN"
Error log message is as below
Failed to parse R\DN: Failed to parse DN; nested exception is org.springframework.ldap.core.TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 1, column 11.  Encountered: "/" (47), after : ""

LDAP screen
Artifactory LDAP setting screenshot 1
Artifactory LDAP setting screenshot 2