Bamboo Release Staging API with Bamboo Artifactory Plugin?

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Bamboo Release Staging API with Bamboo Artifactory Plugin?


I am looking to automate the steps that I can successfully perform manually on the Bamboo (GUI) build results from Artifactory Release & Promotion tab for: Artifactory Pro Release Staging, VCS Configuration and Promotion.

We want to be able to have one plan with a Integration Stage that based on polling the source repo and then a manual Release Stage that will automatically go trough all the release steps.

I am using Bamboo Version 5.9.7, Artifactory Pro 4.4.0, Maven 3 (clean source:jar package -e install) and Bamboo Artifactory Plugin 1.9.2.  We are using 1.8 SVN.  They are all own separate Ubuntu Linux boxes.  Our current dev env does not use branches.  Trunk is always the SNAPSHOT version (next) and current version is moved to tags/<version #>.

Based on the Artifactory documentation Build Staging only provides the tagging and version details when requested by the build server.  Since my build plan already has this information I wanted to be able to invoke the staging functionality that the Bamboo Artifactory Plugin gives the GUI.

It doesn't appear that the Bamboo Artifactory Plugin has the same Release Staging API that the Jenkins Artifactory Release Plugin provides to the Jenkins build server.

Is there currently a way to trigger the staging and promotion through an API or to invoke the releaseBuild.action directly?

Thank you very much for your time,
Lloyd McCulloch
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