Cannot set release status for build using Gradle plugin

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Cannot set release status for build using Gradle plugin

I am trying to use the "artifactory-publish" and I am setting the project status to "integration". The status does not show up in the "Release Status" column in the build browser in Artifactory.

How am I supposed to do this? The docs for the Publishing Artifactory plugin don't explain much at all and we are using an IVY and Gradle default layout repos, NOT MAVEN. Is the status set in the artifactory publish closure? What is the magic property? I want to learn use this so we can promote builds later from Gradle and/or Bamboo. No luck.

I am feeling that it is not worth the money to buy the paid version since it is next to impossible to find out this stuff for builds that are non Java and non Maven. The videos race though things and are hard to follow.

I can't even find docs for the  "buildInfo" values and the clientConfig property in the artifactory closure is not even documented, I had to look at the plugin source to get some idea.

Any help appreciated. For now I just want to know how to set the release status properly.