Debian repository does not update after API deploy

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Debian repository does not update after API deploy


I am trying to deploy artifacts (Debian packages) to my Debian repository on
Artifactory using the REST API.

If I start from an empty repository, the artifacts are deployed, but the
repository index is not updated. In the repo tree I only get the bare file,
without the correct repo structure nor the Release files. Trying to
recalculate the index also does not work.

The only way to have Artifactory create the proper repo structure is to
upload the files using the webapp, but that's not the way I'd like to use
for CI tasks.

Any ideas?


Here's the command I am using, and the password:

curl -u XXXXXX -X PUT
-cs);deb.component=imagia;deb.architcture=amd64" -T

  "repo" : "imagia-debian-release",
  "path" : "/imagia-opencv_3.1.0-1_amd64.deb",
  "created" : "2016-08-08T16:25:43.440Z",
  "createdBy" : "admin",
  "downloadUri" :
  "mimeType" : "application/x-debian-package",
  "size" : "23520864",
  "checksums" : {
    "sha1" : "686aa8e4372901a0d09e9bafe34ef06d0edaab98",
    "md5" : "b91c371243388baf7c5f06c23d76f8d4"
  "originalChecksums" : {
  "uri" :

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