Docker repository returns 501 Not Implemented on push

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Docker repository returns 501 Not Implemented on push

Hi, I am setting up Artifactory as a docker repository. I followed the documentation and I am able to successfully pull images from my virtual Docker repo.

However, when I try to push an image to a local repository, it fails with 501 Not Implemented error.

This is my setup:
Nginx is reverse-proxying: -> http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/docker/docker-local/v2 -> http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/docker/docker/v2

docker-local is a local repository, API V2, does not force authentication. No other setting set.
docker is a virtual repository, aggregates docker-local and docker-remote (which just proxies to std Docker repo)

Commands run:
docker pull
docker tag
docker push

Results in:
The push refers to a repository [] (len: 1)
2c5ac3f849df: Buffering to Disk
Received unexpected HTTP status: 501 Not Implemented

Any ideas what could be wrong?
Thank you!