How can one capture Artifactory usage metrics?

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How can one capture Artifactory usage metrics?

Ganesan, Ramaprakash
Hello everybody,
For planning capacity and storage budgets, our organization is looking for some way to pull metrics that tell us how much Artifactory is being used.
Some examples of parameters that we would be interested in obtaining are:
  • Amount of data being deployed (or published) through Artifactory in a given period
  • Number of files deployed to Artifactory in a given period
  • Amount of data being downloaded (or retrieved) through Artifactory in a given period
  • Amount of data that got deleted from Artifactory during a particular clean-up/maintenance activity
Much appreciate any help/insight that any of you could provide in this regard.
Thank You and Best Regards

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Re: How can one capture Artifactory usage metrics?

Hi Ramaprakash,

Here are some pointers for you to extract the information you are looking for.
It can be collected from the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/logs/request.log and access.log by using some kind of log analysis tool.
You could also extract more information using our new JMX Beans to get detailed values of repository size and more.
Finally, you could also create a User Plugin to aggregate the data in some kind of external DB.

Hope this helps,
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Re: How can one capture Artifactory usage metrics?

In reply to this post by Ganesan, Ramaprakash
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Re: How can one capture Artifactory usage metrics?

In reply to this post by itamarb
Is there a bug/"feature" in the beans exposed over JMX? Unlike other typical beans, they all seem to contain the space character which causes many tools to be unable to read them.

Is anyone successfully, automatically consuming the JMX Mbeans for monitoring purposes?

For example, using JMXTerm.

#domain = org.jfrog.artifactory:
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Executor Pools,instance=Artifactory,prop=Task Service
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=codehaus-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=ext-release-local
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=ext-snapshot-local
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=google-code-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=gradle-libs-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=gradle-plugins-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=jboss-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=jcenter-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=jfrog-libs-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=jfrog-plugins-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=libs-release-local
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=libs-snapshot-local
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=plugins-release-local
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=plugins-snapshot-local
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=repo1-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=spring-milestone-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Repositories,instance=Artifactory,prop=spring-release-cache
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Storage,instance=Artifactory,prop=Binary Storage
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Storage,instance=Artifactory,prop=Connection Pool
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Storage,instance=Artifactory,prop=Data Source
org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Traffic,instance=Artifactory
$>bean org.jfrog.artifactory:\ type=Traffic,instance=Artifactory
#IllegalArgumentException: Bean name org.jfrog.artifactory: type=Traffic,instance=Artifactory isn't valid
$>domain org.apache.derby
#domain is set to org.apache.derby
#domain = org.apache.derby:
$>bean org.apache.derby:system=c013800d-0148-e4fc-1774-0000156a20e0,type=Management
#bean is set to org.apache.derby:system=c013800d-0148-e4fc-1774-0000156a20e0,type=Management