How does Artifactory use repo layout patterns?

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How does Artifactory use repo layout patterns?


Hi all,


I've relatively recently become one of the admins for our Artifactory (Open Source) 2.3.4 server, and am trying to understand how exactly Artifactory uses Repository Layout patterns.  We've started using Artifactory and Gradle relatively recently, with some custom Gradle plugins for C++ development.  Most of our repos are set up with the ivy-default pattern, which is as follows.




However, we have a load of artifacts which are missing the "/[type]s" part, so don't actually match that pattern at all.


It seems, therefore, that Artifactory isn't using it to filter attempts to upload artifacts.  So, what is it using the pattern for?  I think it may be either or both of …


- Automatic clean-up of integration versions (if configured).


- On-the-fly mapping between repo formats (e.g., Maven and Ivy), because Artifactory can try to present one repo as if it were of another format.


I think it's NOT used (at least, by Gradle) to resolve Ivy's "latest.integration" or similar dynamic versions. For that, I think Gradle does a directory listing, looks through the ivy.xml files for ones with status="integration" (or milestone/release, since they're "greater"), and returns the "last" one (in lexicographic order by filename?).


Is it used for anything else?  I couldn't see any explanations in the online manual page about repo layout patterns, and I only inferred the above points from indirect comments on other pages.  Is it likely to cause us problems in future if artifacts don't match the pattern?


Thanks for any explanations anyone can give, especially ones which point to official online docs :-)




Hugh Greene, Senior Software Developer
Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe, Ltd
Bonnington Bond, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh EH6 5NP, UK

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