How to execute a maven build using an ivy repo with custom artifact pattern

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How to execute a maven build using an ivy repo with custom artifact pattern

in my company we have an instance of OSS artifactory (version 2.6.6) that "happily serves" more than 13.000 artifacts based on ivy-default repository layout.

Our ivysettings files are starndardized and they have all the following aspect:

        <settings defaultCache="${basedir}/build/cache" defaultResolver="myUrlResolver"/>
                <url name="myUrlResolver">
                        <artifact pattern="http://artifactory_base_url/java/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/lib/[artifact].[type]" />
                        <artifact pattern="http://artifactory_base_url/java/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/conf/[artifact].[type]" />
                        <artifact pattern="http://artifactory_base_url/java/[organisation]/[module]/lib/[artifact].[type]" />
                        <ivy pattern="http://artifactory_base_url/java/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/ivy-[module].xml" />
                        <ivy pattern="http://artifactory_base_url/java/[organisation]/[module]/ivy-[module].xml" />

Now we'd like allow our developers to use maven-based builds in addition to ant+ivy-based builds, but, first of all we don't want to replicate our artifacts in a "cloned" maven-based repo and second we'd like to continue to mantain all our dependencies into our internal repo.

I wonder if it 's possible with OSS version (or possibly also with Pro Pack) to manage this mixed situation: the same artifact in the same location resolved by 2 different dependency manangers with ivy as default.
If so, we can maintain the current "ivysh" repo layout?
How do we have to configure our new custom pom files in order to retrieve artifact from this internal repo instead of a default maven2 repo?

Thanks in advance for every suggestion