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I upgraded the Jenkins Artifactory Plugin to version 2.3.1
When I "manage Jenkins data", I find that there's inconsistent stored generating thousands of warnings.


hudson.maven.MavenBuildmycoolproject ยป mycoolproject-core #633MissingFieldException: No field 'classifier' found in class 'org.jfrog.hudson.MavenDependency', MissingFieldException: No field 'classifier' found in class 'org.jfrog.hudson.MavenDependency'

I realize that this is because the "classifier" attribute disappeared from the org.frog.hudson.MavenDependency class.
I find it strange that it was removed, considering it is one of the artifact coordinates.

I wouldn't like to ignore this error. Even if we discard those errors, they get regenerated upon restart.
I am planning on doing a script to remove <classifier> tag from build.xml files corresponding to module builds.

Do you think that would be an appropriate solution? Is there a better/easier one?
Also, can you explain why was the classifier removed from the dependency class?

Thanks a lot!

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