Maven Artifact Search Not Finding Remote Artifacts

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Maven Artifact Search Not Finding Remote Artifacts





                   I’m using the latest artifactory for maven.   I have a remote repo setup that points to maven central, along with a couple of local repos.  When I try to do any kind of search from the UI for a given artifact (quick or GAVC and even with wildcards), it seems like artifactory is only searching the local repos, or for items from remote repos that are locally cached.  It will never find an artifact that is simple only on the maven central repo.  I have the maven indexer turned on and runs every morning at 5am, and I see that it downloaded the index files from maven central.


                   Is there a way to search and find artifacts in the UI from all the given repos I have defined (local and remote)?  It seems like this should be a basic feature that works out of the box.






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