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We are currently running artifactory 3.4.0 pro and have a plan to upgrade to latest 4.7.1 pro 

the upgrade seems to be fine, but as a back out process when trying to go back to old version(3.4.0) we are facing hard time. 

steps followed 
1) Took backup from  Artifactory GUI "Backups-> backup-evrything" to a location say(/scartch/backup/) 
2) run mysqldump of artdb >(/scratch/backup/) 
3) run rsync from datastore location( to /scratch/backup/data/ 
4) swap the artifactory.war.3.4.0 to artifactory.war.4.7.1 

this gives us 

 2016-04-07 15:00:14,973 [art-init] [ERROR] (o.a.w.s.ArtifactoryContextConfigListener:96) - Application could not be initialized: null 
java.lang.NullPointerException: null 
at org.artifactory.webapp.servlet.ArtifactoryContextConfigListener.configure( ~[artifactory-web-application-3.4.0.jar:na] 
at org.artifactory.webapp.servlet.ArtifactoryContextConfigListener.access$1( ~[artifactory-web-application-3.4.0.jar:na] 
at org.artifactory.webapp.servlet.ArtifactoryContextConfigListener$ ~[artifactory-web-application-3.4.0.jar:na] 

Is the back out process we are following needs to be changed? 

For workaround i'm reinstalling the 3.4.0 rpm and importing the dumped mysql, which brings back to old state. 

upgrade process followed:- 
we are just swapping the artifactory.war from 3.4.0 to 4.7.1 that is working fine as expected 

Appreciated your help in advance! 



Thank You,




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