Need to have individual repository based security

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Need to have individual repository based security

Ryan, Scott D

I have been working with the artifactory download and I love it.  It is
very stable and seems to have a great base architecture.  I look forward
to future releases filling in some of the holes.  Two of the most
important for me now are:

Individual Repository Security:  I need the ability to allow certain
users to deploy to one local repository but not all and other users to
other repositories.  For example I may want my continuous build system
to be able to upload to the Snapshot repository but not to my production

LDAP : I would love to see LDAP support for security on the

I know many things are coming including more GUI support for the admin
side.  It would be great to be able to to selectively disable the
external proxy so that I can control what is in my local repositories.
Also the ability to add local and remote repositories on the fly via a
GUI would be cool.

All in all am very excited about the potential of this proxy offering.
The GUI is slick and useable.  The deployment and content repository is
very stable and performant and I love the AJAX features.  I also like
the performance of the queries and downloads.  I would love to see more
reporting but I know that is very possible with the content management

The automated backup is a real useful feature so that we can easily
recover in the case of an outage.  I look forward to the future

Scott D. Ryan
Senior Java Developer/Architect

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