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Package types -- Ivy vs SBT

I'm installing and configuring a new instance of Artifactory 4 and I'm trying to understand the different package types. The documentation offers almost nothing in the way of explanation. My main question is:

What is the difference between the Ivy and SBT package types and when do I use which?

In particular, if I'm setting up a local repository for publishing ivy artifacts (jars and ivy files) from SBT which should I use and why? If I use a SBT package type can I still publish to it from Ivy and Gradle?

For remote repositories, when should I use Ivy and when should I use SBT. In particular I would like to set up the following repos:

* (which contains the SBT artifacts themselves: org.scala-sbt/sbt/sbt-0.13.9.jar for example)
* (which hosts community plugins for SBT)

Should these use Ivy or SBT package types?

For virtual repositories, if I'm going to aggregate local/remote repos with both Ivy and SBT package types under one virtual repo, should it use an Ivy type or SBT type? Or should I just not do that?

Any help or advice (with any of these questions) is much appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff