Pulling latest snapshot of a given ArtifactID from Artifactory

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Pulling latest snapshot of a given ArtifactID from Artifactory

Ganesan, Ramaprakash



We have the below artifact structure in our maven-integration-local repository.

com/abc/def/ghi/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/<multiple snapshots>

com/abc/def/ghi/0.0.2-SNAPSHOT/<multiple snapshots>

com/abc/def/ghi/0.0.3-SNAPSHOT/<multiple snapshots>


To pull the latest snapshot from the 0.0.2-snapshot folder which is currently http://artifactory.abc.com/artifactory/maven-integration-local/com/abc/def/ghi/0.0.2-SNAPSHOT/ghi-0.0.2-20160322.120610-1.jar, I can use http://artifactory.abc.com/artifactory/maven-integration-local/com/abc/def/ghi/0.0.2-SNAPSHOT/ghi-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar.


For automation purpose, I am looking to pull the latest snapshot of the latest version (0.0.3-SNAPSHOT in this case) of the artifact.

What is an effective URL that I can use for pulling the latest snapshot of the latest artifact version?


Note - I am using Chef scripts for my automation, and need to provide some kind of source URL to download the remote_file.

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