Received status {} (message: 401) on remote info request - returning unfound resource

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Received status {} (message: 401) on remote info request - returning unfound resource

Request ID: d494db0a
Repo Path ID: jcenter:com/squareup/otto/1.3.8/otto-1.3.8.pom
Method Name: GET
User: anonymous
Time: 2015-06-26T19:22:34.237+08:00
Thread: http-bio-8081-exec-9
2015-06-26T19:22:34.237+08:00 Received request
2015-06-26T19:22:34.237+08:00 Request source =, Last modified =
01-01-70 07:59:59 CST, If modified since = -1, Thread name =
2015-06-26T19:22:34.237+08:00 Executing any BeforeDownloadRequest user
plugins that may exist
2015-06-26T19:22:34.237+08:00 Retrieving info
2015-06-26T19:22:34.239+08:00 Unable to find resource in
2015-06-26T19:22:34.239+08:00 Executing any AltRemotePath user plugins that
may exist
2015-06-26T19:22:34.239+08:00 Appending matrix params to remote request URL
2015-06-26T19:22:34.239+08:00 Using remote request URL -
2015-06-26T19:22:34.240+08:00 Executing HEAD request to
2015-06-26T19:22:34.409+08:00 Received status {} (message: 401) on remote
info request - returning unfound resource
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Unable to find resource remotely - adding to
the missed retrieval cache.
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Requested resource is found = false
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Request is HEAD = false
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Request is for a checksum = false
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Target repository is not remote or doesn't
store locally = false
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Requested resource was not modified = false
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Responding with unfound resource
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Setting default response status to '404'
reason to 'Resource not found'
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Response is an instance of
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Configured to hide un-authorized resources =
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Original response status is auth related =
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Using original response status of '404' and
message 'Unauthorized'
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Sending error with status 404 and message
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Executing any AfterDownloadErrorAction user
plugins that may exist
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Response code wasn't modified by the user
2015-06-26T19:22:34.410+08:00 Sending response with the status '404' and the
message 'Unauthorized'

Who can tell me what's wrong with it, thank you.

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