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Remote repository - Cache settings

Ganesan, Ramaprakash

We have a remote repository set up for which we want content to be pulled from the remote server only all the time (no caching should be done).

What should be the below values under the Advanced tab of the remote repository settings (to disable caching)?

·         Keep unused Artifacts (Hours)

·         Retrieval Cache Period (Secs)

·         Assumed Offline Limit (Secs)

·         Missed Retrieval Cache Period (Secs)


Is it possible to disable caching only for a particular file instead of the whole repository? (that is my actual intention J)


Also, for external repos (like repo1, codehaus, etc.), what are the general values for the above 4 parameters?

I know they could vary from company to company, and for different scenarios, but am looking for some typical ‘best practice values’ if possible.

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Re: Remote repository - Cache settings

Hi Ramaprakash,

In order to entirely disable remote repository caching, you need to check the ‘Do not Store Artifacts Locally’ check-box.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable caching of only a particular file.
The 4 parameters you are referring to are:

Keep unused Artifacts (Hours) - The number of hours to wait before an artifact is deemed "unused" and eligible for cleanup from the repository; A value of 0 means automatic cleanup of cached artifacts is disabled.

Retrieval Cache Period (Secs) - The number of seconds to cache artifact look-up results; This means that if Artifactory looked up an artifact from this remote repo and found it, it will not look for it remotely until the set amount of hours has elapsed and will fetch it from the cache (not relevant in your case where caching is disabled)

Assumed Offline Limit (Secs) - The number of seconds the repository stays in assumed offline state after a connection error. At the end of this time an online check is attempted in order to reset the offline status.

Missed Retrieval Cache Period (Secs) - The number of seconds to cache artifact retrieval misses (artifact not found); This means that when an artifact is not found on a remote repository, Artifactory will not try to retrieve it from the remote again until the set amount of hours has elapsed.

With regards to the ‘best practices’ on external repos, the default values set by Artifactory (added below) are optimized for most cases, of course this can vary depending on the scenario.

Keep unused Artifacts (Hours) - 0
Retrieval Cache Period (Secs) - 300
Assumed Offline Limit (Secs) - 43200
Missed Retrieval Cache Period (Secs) - 7200

Hope this helps,