Renaming a Repository folder via WebDAV-Samba

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Renaming a Repository folder via WebDAV-Samba
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I have a Linux-Server running artifactory 3.8.
On this server I mount a repository via WebDAV to a local folder e.g. /repo using a artifactory-user which has write permissions to the whole repo.
This folder /repo is also a samba-share, so that I can access it from Windows-Machines.
The windows user has write permissions on that share.
That works great for reading directories and files.
I can even create a new folder in the Windows Explorer with the default name "New folder".
But I cannot change the name of the folder! There is a windows error "0x8007045D Input/Ouput Device Error".
I even can create a folder with another name than the default one using the windows shell.
I'm also able to create a new file and rename it afterwards. So this problem exists only for directories.
The directories on the mountet folder repo have a dir_mask of 775, so the group can do anything in the repo.

Any ideas?

Btw: Mounting the WebDAV directly in Windows doesn't work. Even with a dedicated WebDav Client...

Thanks, Sven