Setting up 4.x to host maven/npm artifacts

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Setting up 4.x to host maven/npm artifacts

Phil Cryer
I'm working with a client who is having trouble supporting their
Artifactory 3.x Pro installation, because they've setup things in a very
complex way. I'm starting fresh with 4.x Pro, setting it up with SSL,
and looking at how I can load maven and npm artifacts to the server
(they do not have shell access into these hosts!). The scripts used to
upload artifacts now is very complex, and they're way behind requests,
what is good way forward if I have API access via REST and want to

maven item: asm 3.3.1
npm item: ansi 0.3.0

They have a process in place, but I want a better idea of how it should
be done so I can build on that. Should my script download these items
locally and then upload them to Artifactory? I'm looking at scripts on
github, but need something I can call out and automate to go through a
list. Thanks

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