TeamCity + Artifactory Plugin: "Publish Maven descriptors" not finding pom.xml file

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TeamCity + Artifactory Plugin: "Publish Maven descriptors" not finding pom.xml file

Using latest version of the plugin (2.2.1) with TeamCity Professional 9.1.6.

I have a java+gradle project configured to build a jar file. I have a pom.xml in the correct place inside the jar file (META-INF/group/project). I have the project configured in TeamCity to "Publish Gradle Artifacts" with "Publish Maven descriptors" checked.

I am running into a very frustrating issue where the following things are not happening:
1) uploading a jar artifact with the plugin, artifactory does not automatically pull out the pom.xml file included in META-INF folder. if I upload the jar manually via the web UI, the UI finds all the maven artifact details automatically.

2) If I generate a pom.xml file outside of the jar and pick "Publish Maven descriptors", where should I be placing this pom.xml file for the artifactory plugin to publish correctly? Is there a way to specify the pom.xml file location manually?

I am also seeing this error "Cannot publish pom for project ':' since it does not contain the Maven plugin install task and task ':artifactoryPublish' does not specify a custom pom path." even though I have "apply plugin: 'maven'" in my build file and configured:

install {
    repositories.mavenInstaller {
        pom.version = buildVersion
        pom.artifactId = appName
        pom.groupId = groupName

Thanks for your help!