Url based searching through artifactory instance?

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Url based searching through artifactory instance?

Talking about the self-hosted artifactory free/pro instances.

In the past (~v3.3.0) I was able to search through our artifactory instance via the url:
<a href="https://mydomain/artifactory/webapp/search/artifact/?1&q=%s">https://mydomain/artifactory/webapp/search/artifact/?1&q=%s
where firefox would nicely fill replace the "%s" with my search term after my favorite keyword.
eg. "art commons-" would search for "commons-" in our artifactory instance.

Since a short while, we became gave artifactory a major upgrade to v4.3.2. And since then, the search url didn't work anymore. For some reason the search term is base64 encoded...

- Is there still a way to have this simple url search functionality?