WAR or ZIP files on Generic Local Repostiry

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WAR or ZIP files on Generic Local Repostiry

Gururaj Pandurangi
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I have a technical query regarding JFrog Artifactory. I am evaluating JFrog Artifactory for a client.

This is what I see . Kindly let me know if this is right way:

1. Created a local repository of type "Generic"
2. I am trying to upload a ".war" and ".zip" file for downloading. But they are getting extracted. I dont need them to be extracted. I need to download zip file and .war file at later point of time.

There are certain binaries /installables  that do not come from build tool like Jenkins. Is it possible to store them on Artifactory. I got an error when trying to upload .exe file.

Kindly let me know if my understand of Artifactory and storing installables is correct.