Which repos are "contained" in JCenter?

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Which repos are "contained" in JCenter?

Daniel Serodio
We're in the process of migrating from an ancient Artifactory 2.6.6
installation to a brand new Artifactory Pro 4.10. Our legacy Artifatory
has lots of remote repos without include patterns, so it's performance
is sub-par and troubleshooting failing artifacts is very time-consuming.

I'd like to have the same artifacts available in our new Artifactory,
but have the least amount of remote repos as possible, so I hope that
proxying the JCenter repo is enough for most of the artifacts that we

Does anyone know which Maven repos are proxied and/or served by JCenter?
The only information about this I could find is "JCenter is a superset
of Maven Central".

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Serodio

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