filenames in custom Ivy artifact pattern

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filenames in custom Ivy artifact pattern

In our Ant+Ivy builds, we publish artifacts with this Ivy artifact pattern


The home, homeType, and path values are from custom attributes on each <artifact/> in the ivy.xml, and the artifact value is from the name attribute on each <artifact/> in the ivy.xml. In Artifactory I'm trying to setup a custom layout so that I can try and get some interoperability with Maven (at worst case by copying  artifacts between local repositories). I need to support filenames that might have no extension or the filename might have dots in it.

This pattern seems to correctly support all cases of having an extension (foo.txt -> name=foo and ext=txt, foo_10.1.dll -> name=foo_10.1 and ext=dll, -> name=foo and but not files with no extension.


As soon as I change it to this


Artifactory always parses the whole filename into the name attribute and no ext. If I use


Then Artifactory only matches the ext and never the name. Anybody have the magic sauce?